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Patrizia Benvenuto


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Born in Turin on 21 November 1960, from a family that today could be defined as modern, mainly because of an emancipated mother who has always stimulated me in what is the passion of nuna life, painting. I attended the art school of Lello Burzio, a famous painter from Turin. I took courses in ceramics at the Hobby Ceram art school in Milan. Glass fusion courses, etching and engraving on glass, mosaic and faux Tiffany. A faux fresco course at the Sforza Castle in Milan. Followed by Massimo Bollani I experimented with various techniques of painting, oil, acrylic, watercolor, material and pencil techniques. My style is defined by the combination of mixed techniques that show my personality and emotionality, such as acrylic paint with colored pencils, white and black with material. I express with the abstractionism, stains, lines and geometrical figures and with determined colors and defined forms my energy, strength and conflictuality '.